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If you are about to visit Lanzarote, do not forget to book your Lanzarote airport transfers to Arrecife. Although the capital is very close to the airport, it is important that you ensure in advance the transfer to the place of accommodation for greater comfort and better use of time.

We offer you quality transfer services at the best cost, to and from the airport if you are in any Arrecife area and other places on the island.

Depending on your budget, preferences and needs, you can choose between transfer by minibus or shuttle, as well as in a private and exclusive vehicle. Although it is only a few minutes’ walk from the airport to the capital, it is important to us that your trip is pleasant.

By making your reservation with Lanzarote Airport Transfers you not only avoid making those long lines to take a taxi outside the airport or your place of accommodation. You also guarantee the transfer fits your budget, is comfortable and safe.

Lanzarote airport transfers to Arrecife

We have several transport services that adapt to the needs of our clients. These are:

Private transfer to Arrecife

You can book a private transfer from the airport to Arrecife and back. This is a door-to-door service where we transport you in a private vehicle and guarantee baggage handling, VIP services and much more.

It is the fastest way to get from the airport to Arrecife, the transfer takes approximately 8 minutes. It can include a baby seat at no additional cost. Our team installs it if you request it.

Shuttle transfer to Arrecife

You can choose the shuttle service to Arrecife, or from your place of lodging to the airport. It is cheaper than private transportation, but just as efficient.

The transfer is done in a small bus with few seats that you will have to share with a very small group of people. Each one is driven to its destination in Arrecife, but no more than 3 stops are made.

Although this influences the transfer time, the stops are very fast, and we guarantee the handling of your luggage.

Minibus transfer

The minibus transfer from the airport to Arrecife is an excellent alternative if you want to save a little money or if a good group of people accompany you on the trip.

Although the transfer to your destination lasts approximately 30 minutes, and is a slightly slower option than the previous ones. The buses are modern, spacious, comfortable, and always take you to your place of lodging.

You can book the transfer service from the airport to Arrecife or from your place of accommodation to take your return flight online. We only need to know your time of arrival or departure from the accommodation, and the number of adults and children travelling. Select the type of services you want to book, and then save the reservation receipt on your mobile device. When we request it, you just have to show it and that’s it.

Book your Lanzarote airport transfers to Arrecife, contact us.

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