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Exploring the Green Caves in Lanzarote: A Complete Visitor’s Guide

Green Caves Lanzarote

In Spanish, Cueva de Los Verdes en Lanzarote, the Green Caves in Lanzarote are a volcanic treasure on the island. Visiting is like going to the centre of the earth, these are part of every traveller’s itinerary. Here we present you a complete visitor’s guide for your next trip.

The Historical Significance of the Green Caves

This natural marvel was formed by the eruptions of the Monte Corona volcano, about 4,000 years ago. The lava moved forward and created these volcanic tubes, one of the longest in the world. 

The Green Caves are not just a natural beauty, but are formations with important historical value for the island. In the past, around XVI and XVII century, they were used as a refuge for the natives. They used it to protect themselves from pirates from the north of Africa.

Additionally, it is said that this was a sacred place for the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the island.

On the decade of 1960, the municipality of Lanzarote commissioned Jesús Soto, who, in collaboration with Cesar Manrique, transformed the cave into a site accessible to the public as seen today. Thanks to their work, it became the tourist attraction it is today.

Geographical Overview of the Location

The Green Caves of Lanzarote are located on the north of the island. This is a subterranean world, about 1 kilometre long is open to the public, but the whole cave is around 6 kilometres, because it is shared with Jameos del Agua, although there are different attractions.

In the Green Caves, visitors can explore galleries, view geological formations, and traverse its tunnels.

There you can see geological formations that are unique, created by the lava fluid of the volcano, like stalactites y stalagmites, even a subterranean lake.

The cave’s interior glistens, adorned with a dazzling coat of white calcite deposits that shimmer under the soft glow of strategically placed lighting, echoing the quiet drips of mineral-rich water.

This cave features a submarine passage known as the Atlantic Tunnel, which connects the Green Caves to the ocean, making it one of the world’s most renowned volcanic tunnels.

cueva los verdes

Planning Your Visit to the Green Caves

Best Times to Visit the Green Caves

As this is one major attraction for tourists in Lanzarote, you probably will want to avoid the crowded months of summer. Because there will be waiting lines for tours outside the caves. So consider visiting it outside the peak months.

The best times to visit the Green Caves are Spring and Autumn, where the weather is good and there are fewer crowds. 

If we compare weekdays vs weekends, we must say weekends are crowded, so if you have the time, schedule your visit on Monday or Tuesday. But if you go to Lanzarote for just a weekend, you should not miss this attraction.

When it comes to the best time of the day, we recommend trying to be on the first tours of the day, around 10 am, so you will enjoy the caves with less noise. 

Tickets and Entry Requirements

The tickets can be bought online, the prizes are:

  • Adults: €15
  • Children (aged 7-12): €7.50
  • Children under 7: Free entry
  • Canary Island residents: Adults €8, Children €4
  • Visitors with reduced mobility: €10.50.

The tickets are valid for 3 months, but each is valid for just one use. You do not have to print it, they have a QR code that you can show on your phone on the entrance. 

If you buy several tickets on one purchase, you must use them together. If you are travelling in a group and plan to visit the caves on different times or days, you must buy the tickets separately. 

What to Expect When Visiting the Green Caves Lanzarote

Upon entering, visitors are immediately dwarfed by the majestic vertical wall stretching skyward for 50 meters, its breadth spanning 15 meters across, instilling a sense of awe and smallness in the grand scale of nature’s artwork.

Inside the Green Caves: Major Features and Highlights

As we just said, inside the caves you will see amazing geological formations. The element that distinguishes this location is the illumination, which is soft and natural. Thus, the atmosphere feels both mysterious and captivating, almost otherworldly essence.

The light and sound inside the caves will amaze you, those are the complement for the beauty of the rock walls and formations. Pay attention to the surrounding colours, appreciate the different tones, and the geological formations.

In the caves, there is also a cultural location, it has an auditorium, used for concerts and other cultural activities. It is intimate, the spectators can be very close to the stage, and has a perfect acoustics for shows.

Guided Tours vs. Independent Exploration

The only way to go around is with a guided group tour, so you will learn about the historical, geological and cultural information about this place.

The Hall of the Aesthetes, the Throat of Death and the Moorish Gate are the three main areas of the tour. 

You can book the Cesar Manrique Tour and visit the Green Caves in a whole day dedicated to this artist and his interventions on the island.

Tips for a Smooth Visit 

Essential Items to Bring

You will walk around the cave, on the formation and rocks, so it is better to bring shoes comfortable and safe enough for these walks. Also, choose comfortable clothes, bring a light jacket, because as you get into the labyrinth of the cave, it gets colder. The temperature inside the cave is around 20 °C.

Safety Precautions and Accessibility Information

As the caves can be slippery, you should use shoes with rubber soles, preferable non-slips. 

One of the downsides of the cave is that it is not adapted to people with reduced mobility. This is because the natural conditions of the caves cannot be altered. Also, you cannot go there with a pram, but you can carry your baby on your arms or in a baby carrier or sling. 

You cannot bring pets, except for assistance dogs. 

Conclusion and Travel Advice

The Green Caves in Lanzarote are an amazing place. When you visit them, you will feel like travelling to the centre of the earth. You can appreciate colours and formations that are unique in nature. But you can also relate with the island history, as it was a refugee for locals centuries ago. 

This is a place to appreciate how the natural beauties of Lanzarote were adapted to tourism, respecting its singularities and environment.

Essential information

  • Location: Haría Municipality, on the north of Lanzarote.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00. It is open every day of the year. The last tour departures 1 hour before close. 
  • How to get there: You can get the by car if you rent one on the island, by local buses from different towns of the island, booking a tour in Lanzarote. 
  • How long is the tour: 50 minutes.
  • Parking: it is free for vehicles and bikes. 
  • Bathrooms: available, located outside the cave on the car park.
  • Food: there are no coffee shops or restaurants around the cave. 

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