How far is Costa Teguise from the airport?

How far is Costa Teguise from the airport

You are planning your next holiday in Lanzarote, and as you don’t want to waste a minute, it’s best to plan all the details in advance. If you are staying in Costa Teguise, you might wonder: how far is Costa Teguise from the airport? Here, we will provide all the information you need to organize your time as efficiently as possible.

Distance and Travel Time Between Costa Teguise and the Airport

How far is Costa Teguise from the airport? Exact Distance

The César Manrique Lanzarote Airport is located 14.7 kilometres from Costa Teguise.

The journey from Costa Teguise to the airport can take about 16 minutes by car. The route goes from Avenida de las Palmeras to the Circumvallation LZ-3 Road in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote. Continue on the LZ-3 until you reach the Arrecife-Tías (LZ-2). In Arrecife-Tías, follow the straight route until you take exit 5 towards the airport, and voilà, you will have arrived at your destination.

Travel Time Estimates

The travel time varies according to the different means of transportation (taxi, bus, transfer service, car hire).
The estimated travel time by car, whether via a transfer service, taxi, or rental vehicle, is 16 minutes. Meanwhile, public transport can take over 50 minutes, and by bicycle, it’s approximately 47 minutes.

In general, Lanzarote is not so big, so travel estimates around the island are short.

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Transport Options

By Taxi

Upon arriving at Lanzarote Airport, you will find a taxi rank where you can take a car to your preferred destination. In this case, if you are heading to Costa Teguise, the transfer takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic, and the price can vary between 20 and 35 euros.

By Bus

Taking a bus route is the most economical option; but, it is also the slowest. In some cases, to get from the airport to Costa Teguise, you need to take two buses. The first route goes from Lanzarote Airport to Arrecife, and then from Arrecife to Costa Teguise.

The estimated travel time can vary between 35 and 50 minutes, and the ticket price per person is between 3 and 6 euros. The service is available every day of the year, and the departure frequency generally ranges between every 30 or 60 minutes.

By Transfer Service

Using a special service, the journey from Lanzarote Airport transfer to Costa Teguise takes approximately 15 minutes. This option has the advantage that you can book in advance, know the fare, and also pick the type of vehicle you need according to your preferences and needs.

This type of service is ideal when travelling with children, in groups, or when your flight arrives late at night.
Airport Transfer services can be booked through our website. Choose the option you want, check the availability according to the date and time of your trip, and finally, check the rates and confirm. This guarantees you will be met at the airport or your accommodation in Costa Teguise at the reserved date and time.

By Rental Car

Upon arriving at the airport, you will find a wide range of car hire options. The companies offering these services have various options, from compact cars to vans and SUVs, with prices ranging from 5 euros per day for the most economical vehicles to 25 euros for the most expensive ones.

This alternative has the advantage that you can explore the island at your own pace. However, the disadvantage is that if you do not book in advance, you may have to queue for a long time to leave the airport with your hired car. Additionally, you need a valid Spanish or European driving licence.

Tips for Travellers

Best Time to Travel

During high season, transfers can be more challenging in the most touristy areas of Lanzarote, such as Costa Teguise. Particularly, peak hours for driving or taking the bus are early in the morning, between 7 and 9 am, and in the afternoon, from 3 to 5 pm.

Cost-Saving Tips

The best way to save money when travelling to Lanzarote is to plan your transfers, compare options and prices. So, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can ask transfer service companies about offers or discounts. Perhaps if you travel in a group, you can get a better price for your transfers.

It is also possible to share costs with friends, colleagues, or family members travelling with you, reducing transfer expenses.


Lanzarote Airport has facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility or special needs, such as ramps, lifts, and adapted toilets.

Moreover, public transport is equipped with ramps and have room for wheelchairs. Taxis, hire cars, and transfer services are also adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Additional Information

Playa las Cucharas Costa teguise

Things to Do in Costa Teguise

Among the most notable activities you can do while in Costa Teguise are visiting its beautiful beaches, with Playa Las Cucharas, Playa de los Charcos, and Playa del Jablillo being the most popular.

You can also take excursions to the volcanic areas of Corona and Tinaguache, or visit the Paseo Marítimo or the Pueblo Marinero, designed by the architect and artist César Manrique.

Costa Teguise also hosts the Lanzarote Aquarium and the Aquapark Costa Teguise, ideal for visiting with children, or you can go shopping.

Where to Stay

If you are planning to visit Lanzarote and are looking for a place to stay, Costa Teguise is considered the best area. Some of the most notable hotels are Hotel Siroco, Hotel Barceló Teguise Beach (adults only), and Vitalclass Lanzarote Sports & Wellness Resort, perfect for a family trip.

Now that you know how far Costa Teguise is from the airport, you can book your airport transfer, knowing what to expect from the ride.

Our company seeks to deliver the best service you can find on the island today. We seek to optimise our clients’ time and resources, which is why we respect the schedules and offer the best prices for different transfers.