Lanzarote Nightlife: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Bars, Clubs, and Events

best nightlife in Lanzarote

Many of us associate Lanzarote with beautiful beaches and water sports. However, as the sun sets, there’s a whole nightlife scene that beckons with places filled with a special energy, excellent music, and stunning landscapes. Discover more about the best nightlife in Lanzarote. A guide to the best bars, clubs, and events; ensure you don’t miss any from your itinerary. Keep reading!

What Makes Lanzarote’s Nightlife Unique

Lanzarote’s nightlife has a bit of everything. From cocktail bars and nightclubs, live music and performances for party lovers and those who enjoy long nights, to locales with DJs, pubs, and chill-out bars for a more relaxed evening.

On the island, you’ll find bars and clubs with sea views, open-air terraces, and nights under the stars, making your night out a true spectacle.

There you can dive into the heart of Lanzarote’s culture with a glass of Malvasia wine at a traditional music-filled tapas bar. Experience the island’s unique blend of flavours and sounds.

The Best Towns for Nightlife in Lanzarote

Are you ready to explore the vibrant nightlife that Lanzarote has to offer? From bustling clubs to serene terraces under the stars, which adventure calls to you tonight?

Exclusive Spots in Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the heartbeat of Lanzarote’s nightlife, with options ranging from high-energy dance clubs to cosy, elegant clubs, laid-back pubs and chill-out bars, where the island’s charm shines brightest. If you’re travelling just for a weekend, make sure it’s on your agenda.

The Avenida de las Playas and the Varadero area are where the best spots to enjoy the night on the island are located. On Avenida de las Playas, you can find nightclubs with well-known DJs, and lively bars full of fun and entertainment.

Lanzarote Nightlife Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Bars, Clubs, and Events

Playa Blanca: Chilled Vibes and Family-friendly Options

Located in the south of the island, is Playa Blanca, it’s more relaxed than Puerto del Carmen. It offers to the visitors and locals quieter, and even family-friendly nights.

If you head to the maritime avenue, in the coastal area and the marina, there are bars and restaurants with spectacular sea views and charming landscapes. Many of them offer live music.

Playa Blanca also has options for enjoying with the family, like ice cream parlours, and cafes. For the little ones, there are parks and play areas.

Arrecife: Authentic Local Experience

Lanzarote’s capital is full of charm and joy, and at night it offers an experience, though more traditional and focused towards the island’s culture, equally fun and entertaining. In its restaurants, tapas bars, and cocktail bars, you can enjoy typical Canarian music, and also have the opportunity to socialize and meet local people.

Don’t miss the annual ‘Noche Blanca’ in Arrecife, where the city comes alive with music, art, and performances, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Lanzarote’s nightlife.

Top Bars and Clubs in Lanzarote

Looking for a night to remember? Let’s explore the best spots Lanzarote has to offer.

Exclusive spots in Puerto del Carmen

Imagine sipping your favourite cocktail as the sun dips below the horizon, readying yourself for an unforgettable night in Puerto del Carmen. Which spot will be the highlight of your evening?

  • Lanzarote Palace: Located in the Varadero area in Puerto del Carmen. This is one of the best nightclubs on the island. It’s a venue with a great vibe for lovers of the nightlife, but you should consider that it gets very busy, so it’s advisable to arrive early.
  • Heineken Bar: Also in Varadero. It’s a very popular bar in Lanzarote, as it has a large terrace overlooking the ocean and an incredible atmosphere. Many visit to watch the wonderful sunsets, and then start the party, dance, and have a few drinks.
  • The San Miguel Brewery: A popular bar in the area, where you can first-hand experience Lanzarote’s nightlife. They are open all day, and at night it becomes a tapas place, with an outdoor terrace and good music, very popular with locals and tourists.
  • The Ruta 66 nightclub: located opposite Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen, has a design reminiscent of an American Wild West pub. There you can listen to pop and rock classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Cill and Relaxed Bars in Playa Blanca

  • Inside the Princesa Yaiza hotel, in Playa Blanca, is a very sophisticated jazz club called Cuatro Lunas. Decorated with modern, colourful touches and excellent lighting, perfect for a night of piano and instrumental jazz, alongside a good glass of the island’s best wines.
  • Bar One is a terrace where you can also enjoy a quiet night in Playa Blanca. While the Jungle’s nightclub, with a dance floor, disco music, and known for its theme parties.
  • In the Playa Blanca area, right in front of Playa Dorada, is Bar Waikiki. It’s a small venue, where you can have a more relaxed evening. Enjoying some of their varied drinks on their terrace facing the sea, while listening to good music, is a great plan when visiting Lanzarote.

Marina Rubicón: Dinner and Elegant Bars

Playa Blanca also has various places for a more elegant and sophisticated night, within Marina Rubicón.

There you can enjoy exclusive bars and restaurants, with good gastronomy and drinks, surrounded by yachts and glamour. Such as Bar Timanfaya, Bar Kokomo, Aponiente Restaurant, La Galería Restaurant, and El Mirador Restaurant.

lanzarote club

Unique Nightlife Experiences

Surf Towns and Hostel Parties in Caleta de Famara

In the surf towns of Lanzarote, like Caleta de Famara, Quemao, and La Santa, very lively parties are organized with live music, dance, DJs, and lots of fun, where you can spend an excellent time alongside friendly and fun people.

Kokum Club Lounge in Arrecife for Diverse Music

Kokum Club is an exclusive nightclub and lounge, located in the La Marina Shopping Centre in Arrecife. It’s a space full of fun and good music, where there’s also a terrace to enjoy an evening outdoors, with rhythm, good lighting, and an incredible energy.

Planning Your Night Out in Lanzarote

Best Times to Visit the Clubs

The times you can visit bars and clubs in Lanzarote may depend on factors such as the type of entertainment you’re looking for, the season you’re visiting the island, and the day of the week you want to go. But in general, we can say that:

  • For a more relaxed and quiet outing, plan your exit before midnight.
  • For a more lively night with a party atmosphere, going near or after midnight is the perfect time.
  • If you’re travelling in high season to Lanzarote, it’s better to arrive early, as some clubs and bars can be very crowded.
  • And if it’s the low season, there’s no problem if you arrive a bit late, because there’s less influx of visitors.
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Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Night

When you’re on the island, don’t hesitate to follow these tips to fully enjoy your nights in Lanzarote:

  1. Avoid walking alone.
  2. Don’t exceed alcohol consumption.
  3. Visit places that match your style.
  4. Check reviews and comments of the places you want to visit.
  5. Check if the place you want to go requires any kind of reservation to avoid inconveniences on site.

Conclusion: Embrace the best nightlife in Lanzarote

As you can see, the best nightlife in Lanzarote offers a wide range of places to enjoy the nights during your stay on the island.

After a day at the beach or touring the island’s most emblematic places, nothing beats diving into the nightlife. In areas like Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, and Arrecife, you’ll find various bars, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants offering good music and drinks, as well as charming and entertaining spaces; in some, the party goes on until dawn. Always remember to have fun responsibly.

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