The Best Sunsets in Lanzarote

The Best Sunsets in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a place where tourists and locals can enjoy the beauty of its natural spaces throughout the year. The beaches, volcanoes, parks, and villages have much to offer those who visit the island. But without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions are the sunsets. Keep reading to find out where to see the best sunsets in Lanzarote!

The Unique Appeal of the sunsets in Lanzarote

Sunsets in Lanzarote have become famous for the colours they offer. Shades ranging from orange and yellow to reds and pinks. In addition, the volcanic landscape of the island creates a unique combination at dusk, so everyone is amazed.

In general, the best places to see sunsets in Lanzarote combine beautiful ocean views with volcanic landscapes, making this moment an unforgettable experience for visitors. Among the most popular are El Mirador del Río, Timanfaya National Park, Papagayo Beach, El Golfo, and more.

El Golfo: A Sunset Paradise

El Golfo in Lanzarote is a fishing village located in the southwest of the island. Due to volcanic eruptions, it has acquired very particular shapes and silhouettes. Added to this, the beautiful landscapes with the sea in the background attract the attention of many and enchant those who visit it.

Best Viewing Spots in El Golfo

When you visit El Golfo, you will find natural areas like El Charco de los Clicos, a light green lagoon formed with the effects of erosion that destroyed a volcanic crater. The colour of the water is due to the algae species that inhabit there.

Nearby, you can also visit Los Hervideros, volcanic cliffs where foamy waves break. The village of El Golfo is small, the white facades of its houses contrast with the volcanic rocks, and make this place attractive to visitors.

The Magic of Mirador del Río

El Mirador del Río is one more of César Manrique’s works in Lanzarote. It is located on the Risco de Famara, in the north of the island, and is a construction that harmoniously combines art with the nature of the place.

Why Mirador del Río is a Must-Visit?

The height of the viewpoint, 479 meters above sea level, offers a panoramic view of La Graciosa island and the Chinijo Archipelago. At sunset, the sky becomes a true spectacle of colours, making it a must-visit when you are in Lanzarote.

At the Mirador, you can enjoy the architectural work itself, a cafeteria to admire the sea, through its panoramic windows and a wonderful terrace.

Papagayo Beach: A Sunset Haven

Papagayo Beach is located in the southwest of Lanzarote and is one of the most popular on the island. Around it, the volcanic cliffs create a beautiful landscape. There, you can visit five coves, where the white sand and its calm and crystal-clear waters are the protagonists.

Planning Your Sunset Visit to Papagayo

Because it is one of the most popular places in Lanzarote, it tends to receive many visitors on weekends and during the season. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beautiful sunsets this place has to offer, remember:

  • Arrive early, or if possible, go off-season or on weekdays.
  • If you want to watch the sunsets in lanzarote from a privileged spot, you can reserve a place in a bar or restaurant in the area.
sunset photograph

Timanfaya National Park at Dusk

Timanfaya National Park cannot be missed in your weekend itinerary or on a longer trip. It has 5000 hectares of volcanic landscapes, full of lava fields and craters. There you can definitely admire the splendour of the setting sun.

How to Capture the Best Sunset Moments

If you are in Timanfaya to see the sunset, and you love hiking, there you will find routes through which you can tour areas of the park and watch the sunset.

You can also take the opportunity to go on a camel ride and make it an unforgettable experience, in which you can see the sunset from another perspective.

Puerto del Carmen’s Sunset Views

In Puerto del Carmen, you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets from its beautiful coasts. In this area of Lanzarote, you find bars and restaurants where you can watch the sunsets in a relaxed way.

On Playa Grande, for example, you will have a spectacular view of the sun setting over the Atlantic. And if you are looking for something different, a promenade allows you to see the sunset from a boat at various points over the sea.

Off the Beaten Path: Playa Bermeja and Playa Famara

Discovering the Sunset at Playa Bermeja

To the south of the island is Playa Bermeja. An isolated black sand beach, whose combination with the blue of the sea, and the tones of the sunset, make the sunset there an incredible and unique spectacle.
One of the greatest advantages of this place is that it is not crowded, so you can appreciate the sunset peacefully.

Playa de Famara: The Surfing Paradise at Sunset

Known for being a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, Playa Famara is famous for its strong waves and winds, which make it a natural space with a wilder touch. And when evening comes, the landscape becomes a spectacle worthy of admiration, whether you do it from the sand or on your surfboard.

You also have the possibility of getting on a kayak or paddleboard and watching the sunset from the sea.

Unique Sunset Experiences in Lanzarote

Sunset on a Catamaran

Whether you choose to leave from La Graciosa, Puerto del Carmen, or Playa Blanca, watching the sunset on a catamaran is a unique and unforgettable opportunity when visiting Lanzarote. The colours of the sky reflected in the sea, while you move through its calm waters.

Catamaran services are varied and can offer drinks, snacks.

Combinations of Hiking and Sunset

A good hike is a common way to see the sunsets in Lanzarote. To get to El Mirador del Río, Timanfaya National Park, or Papagayo Beach, you will need to walk. The views of the sunsets you will find in these spaces will amaze you, and the walk will be worth it.

On the island, the trails also offer spectacular views, like the one you find on the Ruta de los Volcanes or the Ruta de los Jameos del Agua.

Final tips: Capturing Lanzarote’s Sunset Beauty

As you can see, there are many places in Lanzarote where the sunsets will captivate you. From beaches to viewpoints and natural parks, there are many options for all preferences. But what all these places definitely have in common is an unparalleled beauty when the sky turns warm colours and joins the volcanic landscape of this beautiful island.

Best Practices for Sunset Photography

Photography is a way to remember exceptional moments and places whenever you wish. For your photographs to be more enjoyable, it is essential to choose the most suitable places to contemplate the best sunsets in Lanzarote.

If you can, take your camera and equipment like a tripod to get better postcards. Know well how to set up your camera properly, avoid using flash, and consider using a polarising filter to reduce glare.

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